Are you in search of a fast and comfortable ride to the airport? Then look no further as Airport Taxi Minneapolis serves you the best service in town. We offer you a ride in style with comfort. So forget those costly yet unreliable Minneapolis taxi services. With Airport Taxi Minneapolis it has never been easier to reach the airport right on time. Airport Taxi MSP Airport offers to its esteemed customers a door to door transport services for airports, which is not only comfy but also cost-effective. There are various companies which

work at airports, and yet there are many others who only have “airport taxi” in the name.However, there is just one “Airport Taxi.” We have started our services purely by quality customers’ services.We are 24/7/365, full-service reliable company. Airport Taxi Minnesota specializes in travel from and to the MSP Airport airport. We have with us a flight of vehicles which are newer models and also undergo the most rigorous maintenance routine of the industry. Our teamof drivers are highly trained and specialized in defensive driving. Furthermore, for theadditional satisfaction, they tend to attend the training classes in customers service beforetheir hiring.

So what makes our services different from others? Well, in there are certain features which are associated with our company. One of them is the timeliness of our services. We dispatch the reservations with a comparatively high lead time. This enables us to provide the service always on time. Along with the prior booking arrangements, we arrange to park some of our vehicles at the Minnesota airport as well. So if did not make a prior reservation, all you have to do is to call us, and we arrange a vehicle you right away. Usually, our clients get the vehicle in 3-5 mins of booking.

Our drivers are very friendly and happy to serve the customers. Furthermore, our drivers have the keen knowledge of all the fast routes and will never fail on the responsibility to get you to the airport on time. We have the largest fleet of taxis in the Minnesota to offer the airport transfer services to all the bookings. This serves as the ultimate comparative advantage over the other cab Minnesota companies. So save the money and avoid the overnight charges of the parking lot, for the parking of your vehicle. You can now book your airport transfers with us. Airport Taxi Minnesota will pick you up from your office or home and drop you right at the terminal. Also at your arrival, we will be there for you to pick you up.

What is our mission?

The mission of our Minnesota Service is to provide the safest and secure taxi service to our clients without any delay. Moreover, we carry you to your desired destination without any delay. We know every address of Minnesota. We carry you to your destination with confirmation and security.

Planned Transportation is the best option before journey

You get ready in order to visit the beautiful island of Minnesota. On road, you get no transportation service immediately. Your lot of time got wasted in order to find proper transportation. Let’s assume another situation, you found a local cab, but the driver does not know your destination, how odd it is again your precious time go all in vain. This is a hectic practice, and it will make you tired and dull. In that situation, you will take two decisions either you will quit your plan and will go back to a hotel or you will waste time in order prepare yourself for occupying destination with an alternative. Moreover, with Minneapolis Taxi service you will easily manage to capture your destination on time without any delay. Our official website is available for all the visitors who are interested to enjoy the visit. You just need to browse the website and come up with our trip plans. Set the trip and simply move towards a new destination.

Why book with Airport Taxi Minneapolis?

With are very well aware of the fact that it is not the pricing strategy which makes a difference between various service providers. Although it is one of the most crucial components for a profit and sale relying entirely on pricing will not reward you a comparative advantage. With Airport Taxi Minneapolis we offer to our valuable customers’ services which have following features.

Timely and reliable service:

The most defining characteristics of any company’s timely service are its fleet size. We proudly claim that we have the double fleet size as compare to our competitors. This is the prime reason that Airport Taxi Minneapolis can cover all the orders on time.


The Minneapolis service is highly affordable and convenient service. With our service, you can visit maximum places within very reasonable budget. As compared to other transportation services across the city we provide you the most attracting budget with highly secure and comfortable environment. You can simply visit the whole city with us without paying tons of dollars.

Insured fleet:

All the cars in our fleet are insured. The vehicle insurance coverage we have comprises of the highest standards set by the government. While other companies may have drivers with or without auto insurance of their own, Airport Taxi Minneapolis follows the company insured insurance policy.

Maintenance of vehicles:

We have some of the finest maintenance procedure followed for all the vehicles. As a regular taxi, Minneapolis covers more than a regular personal vehicle so a maintenance policy should be more rigorous. All our vehicles got services after every 3500 miles and went through our very own certified mechanics on an annual basis.

Accident prevention:

We have in our team, a full time, certified safety instructor. The sole responsibility of whom is to train the drivers to avoid accidents. All the drivers are required to complete the defensive training course under his supervision. Furthermore, all the vehicles are stickered with our number, to monitor the driving habits of our drivers. Also to motivate our drivers for adopting safe driving habits and to be more disciplined we have our reward policy in place.

Largest customer care:

At our booking office, we have state of the art, fully equipped call center. In every hour of the day, there are operators available to assist you with all your queries and problems. We keep a keen eye on the hold times and try to minimize them as much as possible. All the calls also record for appraisal of the customer care staff. We also offer online booking as well as automated booking for he orders.

Ring on approach service:

Airport Taxi Minneapolis is very much proud to announce to have a ring on approach service for Minneapolis taxi cab. So now you do not have to keep your eyes awaiting for the driver to reach as an automated call generated by the driver is going to alert you when our vehicle is 5 min away from you.

Prompt resolution of grievances:

The team at Airport Taxi Minneapolis believes in customer satisfaction policy. So your voice always hears at our company. We make sure that every ride which we provide must be provided with satisfaction. However, there come times when the customers do have issues. So do call us if you have any grievance, as our team will immediately take necessary and action and try their level best to resolve the issue.

Traveling with kids:

We are the only service providers having the vehicles fully equipped with child car seats. Our child seats are fully reversible and made to hold a child of 9-45 pounds weight. If you are traveling with kids, all you have to is to request for a car with a child seat simply.

Driver recruitment:

The drivers at our company have been choosing with stringent recruitment criteria. Some of our driver eligibility criteria include
 Passing of an English proficiency test
 Minimum age criteria of 25 years
 Must pass safety driving test from our safety inspector.
 Have a current driving license
 Less than 2 moving violations in past 5-year record.
 Has a clean background record
 Signed a contract for random drug testing
 At least have 2 years of driving experience

Extensive experience:

With the longest transportation experience than anyone else, our management team knows how to keep up to expectations.


We are very well aware of the fact that goodwill is very hard to earn and very easy to lose. So we make sure things work as planned no matter what happens. One of many safety precautions that we have includes the extensive training session of the drivers. You must be wondering why we put so much pressure on our drivers’ training. Well, the reason is no matter how good our customer care may be, but at the end of the day, it’s the cab driver who is going to have an interaction with the customers the most. Not only do they have to learn the safety rules for the driver to avoid accidents, but also customer care techniques, traffic rules, and regulations, map reading and area land mark awareness.

Online booking

We offer customers the facility of online booking of the cabs. It is not only simple but also fast. With our amazing online booking tool now you can also mark certain places as your favorite, and that makes it much easier for you the next time you want to book a Minneapolis taxi to that certain location.

Airport pick-ups

We know how important it is for you to each the airport on time and since Airport Taxi Minneapolis Specializes in airport transfers, we make sure all of our passengers catch their flights right on time. Not only this, we have some of our taxi cabs Minneapolis from the fleet parked at the airport’s parking. So if you did not book a cab, all you have to do is just order the right from the terminal.

Vehicle on demand

We also have the facility of choosing the vehicle according to your demand. We understand that sometimes you do not travel alone. Instead of either, you travel with the family or your favorite pet. Airport Taxi Minnesota has the special arrangement. So you need not worry about the luggage or any other stuff. Just call Airport Taxi Minnesota and we handle the rest.


Today is the technology time; technology is helping us do our routine task more efficiently and effectively. All our vehicles are equipped with technology gadgets. We have the most sophisticated GPS system in our fleet. Furthermore, our GPS system allows the speedy allotment of orders as through a computerized dispatch system the system will forward the pickup order to the most nearby driver.